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IDTA Hall of Fame

Our Hall of Fame inductees are long-standing members who have been highly influential leaders for change and growth within IDTA and have made significant positive contributions to the IDTA organization throughout their career. Hall of Fame inductees are selected via board review of the content of all nominations submitted by the public.

Inclusion into the IDTA Hall of Fame is based on the following minimum criteria:

IDTA Membership in good standing for a minimum of 5 years

- Promotion of IDTA in a positive and constructive manner

- Demonstration of exemplary leadership qualities

- Significant contributions to the IDTA organization (in excess of regular membership)

IDTA is proud to recognize the following people as members of the IDTA Hall of Fame


Nicki Alander
Katy Arnold
Ashley Bailey
Kimberly Bauer
Kari Batka
Barbara Bobrich
Melissa Bobrich
Richard Benzik

Debby Bradshaw
Mary Buchar
Lynn Byrnes
Stephen Cannedy

Christine Chiavola

Katina Clodfelder
Dawn Cosman

Erin Cotto

Rita Damhorst

Kathy Dartt
Michelle Deets
Jessica Denham
Susan Dierker

Jennifer Duesterhaus

Kelsey Duncan-Savage

Laura Evans
Christy Fisher

Alex Foster

Candace Gadomski

Orella Gansmann
Lynn Gelatka
Sheri Greenfield
Katherine Guither
Rebecca Hack

Brenda Harris

Alyssa Hudson
Bill King
Cyndi Kraemer
Nicole Leigh
Dee Lenzi
Joni May

Patricia McGee

Nikki Meyer
Lisa Moore

Brian Morris
LuAnne Navarra
Paula Novak
Kelly Pfeiffer

Amie Reed
Jane Richards
Summer Riordan
Toni Royster

Janice Ryan

Laura Sanders
Eugenia Scavone

Nichole Segneri

Melissa Sirtak
Malia Smith
Melanie Sprengel
Kristen Staver
Donna Steinmann
Joan Stevens
Crystal Taylor
Barbara Walker
Leanne Walsh

Vicki Watkins
Craig Wilson
Johnni Zabka
Tara Zobrist

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