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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When are team memberships due?

Membership paperwork and payments are due for all teams by January 31. If your team intends to compete for post-season qualification at regional contests, your membership must be received and confirmed by the Wednesday immediately prior to the contest in which you receive the qualifying score or you will not be eligible to accept the qualification from that contest. Team membership status may be verified HERE.

2. How can I determine if certain moves are legal or illegal?

We strongly encourage every coach and choreographer to visit the IHSA website to receive detailed explanations regarding illegal moves. There you will find important announcements regarding the NFHS Spirit Rules Book and the IHSA Rules Interpretation video. All specific questions regarding illegal moves should be directed to Tracie Henry at

3. What happens if a coach or representative does not sign the penalty judge sheet after a performance?

Nothing actually happens! The Floor Judge will try to explain any penalties that were assessed if the coach stops to sign the penalty sheet after the performance. Most Floor Judges try to remember and will try to explain later on; however, if it is a large contest, this may be impossible! There is no penalty for not signing the penalty sheet, HOWEVER if a coach does not sign the penalty sheet then he/she would not be eligible to appeal any penalty.

4. Do I need to attend the pre-contest meeting?

Attendance is optional for teams/soloists who are paid-in-full. The pre-contest information will be posted on the website and emailed to the participating coaches within one week prior to each contest. 

5. What do I do if I want to attend a particular contest?

Contact the coach of the host school. Refer to the IDTA Contest Schedule for contact information.


6. What do I need to know about music for competition?

All IDTA competitors must use music on a CD/mp3 player. All music is to be checked by the team coach for appropriate language; each team is held responsible for the suitability of its musical selections. Only one (1) track of music is to appear on the CD/mp3 player. A team representative must start the music. It is suggested that two (2) copies of each piece of music be brought to the music table. All music must comply with copyright laws.  For further information on legal music clarification, click HERE.

7. If something goes wrong while my team is performing, what do I do?

ONLY THE COACH may stop the music if there is a problem. The Floor Judge CANNOT make that decision for you - it is the coach's decision. You may stop the music if there is something wrong with your CD/mp3 player or if there is a performer who is sick or injured. You, THE COACH, may also take the floor at any time if there is a sick or injured performer. If you remove a performer from the floor, there would be an out of bounds penalty assessed. If you decide to stop the music, then the Floor Judge would decide if your team starts over again right then or if they will be rescheduled to perform later in the day.

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