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IDTA Coach of the Year

Nomination and consideration criteria  for Coach of the Year include:

- Goal setting and achievement

- Demonstration of team improvement

- Demonstrated effort to improve coaching skills

- Demonstrated positive community contributions

- Overall impact on their team

Amanda Chamblin.jpeg

Amanda Chamblin

The 2021 IDTA Coach of the Year recipient was selected from many nominations received prior to the Jan 31 deadline.

The 2022 Coach of the Year is Amanda Chamblin of O'Fallon High School.

One of our 2022 Coach of the Year’s major goals for her first season instructing the high school programs at her school was to bring the JV and varsity teams together as one united program as there was a divide within the teams prior to this season. The two teams grew into one united program by practicing together and doing team bonding activities together. Amanda also acquired new equipment as well as a designated studio space for the teams.


Here are some words from her nominators:


“She is always willing to learn and adapt, which is especially needed as her first year taking over the head coach position of a dance program that was not in the best shape before. This season has been a learning curve for everyone, including the members of the team, and she has done everything to help this team by learning the best way to coach and rehabilitate this program.”


“Before she even became our coach, she was reading through rules researching winning teams and finding every competition resource to get us to be as successful as possible. She did extensive amounts of research to make sure she was qualified and to make the team as good as possible.”


“Coach constantly asks us what we need and helps us with every aspect of our lives. She reminds us that she wants us to succeed and she is there to help that happen in any way possible. She takes into account our lives outside of dance and pushes us to not only be better dancers, but better people and students. She also monitors our grades and offers tutoring to make sure that we are successful in school as well as dance.”


“People often tell us that they have seen our teams much more this year and love the way we are connecting with our community now.”


“This program was decreasing in members and spirit each year, and this season Coach has completely turned that around. I have full confidence that the program will only go up from here. She is bringing spirit and pride back into the program. I’m proud to be a dancer working with her. She deserves this recognition because she puts everything into our program.”

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